Monday, June 28, 2010

Everyday Soul

Ah, first days of school. Going back when July hasn't even begun feels a little wrong, but I was ready for a reason to leave the house during these sweltering days of summer. At least in six weeks, I'll be through with math classes for GOOD!! Now, I think I'm in need of some Everyday Soul.

Been on a serious kick for Angela of Oh She Glows' Vegan Overnight Oats. Layered mine yesterday morning with some Banana Soft Serve (Choosing Raw) as per Angela's suggestion. YUMMMM, I can hardly eat hot oatmeal anymore! Summer is for cooling foods, dudes!

Now, how many of you have ever whipped up some homemade almond milk? Anyone? It's so simple, it's GENIUS! I almost made a habit of it in the fall of last year, but I have pledged to make a batch every Sunday from now on because it saves SO much money, reduces packaging aaand tastes so fresh and delicious! My golden ratio is 1 cup almonds, soaked overnight, rinsed, then blended with 7 cups filtered water. Strain well and use within a week.

And finally, finally the Cooking Channel is live! Since I read this NY Times article on the new Food Network brainchild, I've been waiting to see more. Well, Two Fat Ladies reruns rule, and so does the ethnically diverse set of CC hosts. Plus vegan cupcakes are listed as a "Food Trend" on their front web page - a very good sign!

Images courtesy of Oh She Glows and the Cooking Channel.


  1. I was just ooooogling choosing raw yesterday and was pissed that all the bananas at new seasons were green! boo...i had to settle for hemp ice cream, and it was delicious. also, the pomegranate chip from so delicous is fabulous!

    7 cups to 1 cup almond sounds pretty reasonable! do you strain it?

  2. Mmmm, girl! I need to start making more ice cream. And thaaank you for pointing out the straining step - forgot to mention that! I do, through a "nut milk" straining bag. Works like a charm!

  3. Have you got a recipe for the almond milk anywhere? I'm still a carnivore, but my roommate is lactose intolerant and I thought it might be a nice treat for her.

  4. Well, my method is pretty much described in this post, no official recipe! But I learned how I prefer to make it from various other recipes, like this one:

    Many suggest using less water blended with each cup of almonds, but I get more bang for my buck with the 7:1 ratio. Good luck!