Monday, April 26, 2010

Everyday Soul

What a fabulous Sunday. Enjoyed some vegan biscuits n' gravy at The Top (my very favorite brunch spot in Gainesville) with my parents, with whom I then returned to West Palm Beach for a two-week visit.

After a raw pasta dinner courtesy of Mom, went for a walk around the neighborhood as the sun set. Back at home, I finally got to watch Coco Avant Chanel! It was a beautiful film, and fed my soul thoroughly. I love how much comfort and freedom guided Coco's designs. In fact, maybe I should direct my gratitude toward Miz Chanel for the fact that I can wear pants whenever I like without being called a boy.

Also savored a few chunks of this incredible small-batch chocolate, Escazu during the viewing and would highly recommend it. Good heavens, even two minutes after eating, the rich flavor still lingered on my tongue. A testament to the quality of the chocolate, but also to the way every bite of something sweet these days is truly a gift to me! Haha. I promise, give up sugar for a month or more and you will understand.

Action in the kitchen arena will quickly pick up now that I'm at home, so expect some recipes this week. Just wanted to deliver a few humble Soul Food encounters to your blog-reels on this rainy Monday, in hopes they might inspire some for you!

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