Monday, July 26, 2010

Everyday Soul

I've been getting pumped the past few days about a new job I just acquired as a camp counselor for lil' behbehs, teaching music, cooking and yoga! Woohoo!!! Compiling this Everyday Soul felt especially sweet in light of this news.

First, to celebrate future paychecks earned, I ordered a round of Dr. Cow's Tree Nut Cheese, an aged cashew cheese that is in fact much smaller than I perceived it to be from the pictures. And at first I didn't even really care for it. But THEN, I tried it on a piece of GF toast with some blueberry jam and WHAM, it hit me: this is a dessert cheese, for sure!! The rest will most certainly be consumed in this manner. Worth the cost? For me, yep.

Second, waited patiently all yesterday for one of the only shows I care for on television, Mad Men. It was always the costumes, the sets, the aura of the show that made me want to watch--that is, until the end of last season. The writers set up some maaajor drama! Last night's premiere did not disappoint. Can't wait to see what's up next.

And finally, I have officially been shampoo-free for two months! Okay, that might sound like a weird and kinda gross thing to confess on the internet, but really, it's been great! And by that I mean washing my hair exclusively with baking soda and conditioning occasionally with lemon juice was one of the best eco-decisions I ever made. After a period of about three weeks during which my hair was almost constantly in a bun because of the extreme greasiness, I came out the other end with a fuller head of hair than it seemed to be before. Here's where I learned how to do it.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Cow's and AMC.


  1. i just bought an oatmeal cheese called "we can't say it's cheese"
    didn't like it at all! but am excited about this dr. cow cheese!

  2. Congrats on the job! It sounds amazing. Who doesn't love cooking, yoga, music and behbehs?!!! The No Shampoo approach is interesting. I like to make my own bath products as often as I can.

  3. Whoa serious?! NO SHAMPOO?! I didn't know you could wash your hair with baking soda! Cool beans. I quit toothpaste two weeks ago and have been brushing with baking soda (for whitening) and essential oils (a mix of peppermint, almond and spearmint) for cleaning. My teeth have never felt so wonderfully clean and plaque-free!!!! I'm gonna try your baking soda idea for my hair!!!!! :)

  4. Awesome!! I use a similar concoction for toothpaste, just with vegetable glycerin mixed in for pasty-ness.

    Glad you learned something new!