Monday, May 17, 2010

Everyday Soul (NY Edition!)

Hey y'all, I went straight from New York to Georgia, so now I'm livin' it up down South, but here are a few tantalizing photos from two very special vegan eateries I had the pleasure of dining at whilst in the Big Apple!

First, Boneshakers. This is a charming little place in Brooklyn that serves up the most deceitful breakfast sandwich I've ever tasted; deceitful in that it's DELICIOUS but also totally vegan and doesn't make you feel like you're going to die of heart failure when you've finished it. Presenting The Sag:

Next, the bakery where dreams come true: Babycakes!!! I actually went twice during the week, so I got to test a variety of things, including...

The Cookie Sandwich


The Wonder Bun! Mmmm...

Be back Thursday! <3


  1. mMmMmMmMm babycakes. i got to experience one of their cupcakes and it wuz

    did you see their frosting shotz (shotz, shotzshotzshotz)?

  2. Yesss, but I haven't had one. I know their frosting is srsly ah-mazing, though, from my cookie sandwich experience(s).

    Starting to get a craving right about now...

  3. god, everyone has been but meeee~!!! It'll happen eventually. What is on da sag???

  4. It isss the best tofu scramble I've ever had with Daiya cheddar and a soysage patty. WHOA man. So good.

    And I believe Babycakes will happen for you sometime, darling! :)